The American University Centennial (1893-1993)

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The American University Centennial (1893-1993)

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Hamilton Building of American University
"I subscribe this account because it is within my means and because I want to set an example to
people not to despise 'the day of small things.'"

(John Hamilton, in a letter to Hurst about his $1 donation -- the first toward the purchase of…

Capping Off 100 Years


The American University gratefully acknowledges the following contributors to the Centennial Class of 1993 Class Gift:

American University President's House
"This house will have one of the most superb locations to be found in the District of
Columbia. On a clear day, it will have a view of nearly 25 miles to the Blue Ridge Mountains."

(The American University Courier, December 1924.)

Completed in…

Mary Graydon Center (MGC), American University
"I prefer to put the money into brains rather than stone and mortar."

Mary Eliza Graydon (d. 1926) was The American University's most generous
early benefactor. A devout Methodist, she was surprised by Bishop Hurst's plan
for a national…

McKinley Building (School of Communications),  American University
"I regard the building of The American University as the most important educational
enterprise the Methodist Church has ever undertaken. I am proud of it."

(McKinley, from a meeting of The American University Board of Trustees and

Bender Library, American University
"The building we dedicate here today closes the quad...even while that closure opens a
new future to us all. It is a marvelous paradox that this building opens the future by
bringing us the gifts of the past."

(University President Joseph J.…

Hurst, "College of History," American University
"It is highly proper that our group of noble edifices should begin
with the College of History. This science takes the first place... in the development
of a great educational scheme - a modern, a complete, and an American University."


Battelle-Tompkins Memorial Building, American University
"We dedicate this building to the students of American University who here will discover
an increasing fountain of knowledge and to that great body of students who in future days
will here assemble."

(From a "Ritual of Dedication" spoken at the…

Hughes Hall, American University
"Ultra-modern in structure with spacious rooms, elevators and lounges from the main
lounge on the first floor to television lounges on each floor, we all feel more than at home."

(From the 1960 Talon yearbook.)

Hughes Hall comprised part of…
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