Hurst, "College of History," American University

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Hurst, "College of History," American University


The American University Centennial (1893-1993)


"It is highly proper that our group of noble edifices should begin
with the College of History. This science takes the first place... in the development
of a great educational scheme - a modern, a complete, and an American University."

(Hurst's address at the laying of the cornerstone of the university's first building,
the College of History, on October 21, 1896.)

John Fletcher Hurst (1834-1903) recognized the need for a strong national
Methodist university while resident Methodist Bishop of Washington. He
gathered support for the project and funds to purchase property on
Loughborough Road as the site for The American University, While he
primarily envisioned a Methodist university, Hurst also wanted to create a
graduate institution to further the education of all, regardless of race, gender,
or religious conviction. The Board of Trustees unanimously elected Bishop
Hurst as the first Chancellor in 1891. In honor of his efforts to establish The
American University, its first building was renamed for him on June 3, 1925.


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